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08 April 2020
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APLF interview - Questions on state of China Leather Industry for Mr Li Yizhong, chairman of the CLIA
With the coronavirus pandemic having been brought under control in China, APLF thought that it was an opportune time to find out exactly what is the current state of China’s leather industry. APLF approached the Chairman of the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), Mr Li Yuzhong, to find out the facts of the situation in mid-March 2020.

New figures released by LHCA
New findings from the LHCA show the environmental costs of using synthetics, mostly made from plastics and other non-renewable sources, as opposed to real leather in finished consumer goods.

From the field to finished product
CTC’s Thierry Poncet, head of leather and sustainable development divisions, and Cedric Vigier, the company’s innovation manager, discuss the four steps needed for increased traceability of hides and skins.

Go green with biotechnology
With sustainability front of mind for all industries, including our own, Leather International presents presentation highlights from JY Liu and G Holmes of the New Zealand Leather and Shoe Research Association, who ascertain the role of biotechnology in environment-friendly leather production.

View from the EU
Gianni Russo has entered the last phase of his presidency of UNIC-Concerie Italiane. It was a longer than expected presidency – five years as opposed to the traditional four since the association changed its statute, which will resonate for a long time for several reasons. First of all, because it started in a golden moment of the Italian tannery industry, in a period of growth and prosperity with respect to international competitors and the luxury boom. But then it turned negative towards the end of the mandate, as the year of 2019 will certainly testify. In the first nine months, the indication was -7% for bovines, -9% for calves, and -6% for sheep and goats. When the market really collapsed, not even the Italians were able to resist, even if they reacted better than most outside the EU.

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