Mosconi are famous for building top quality splitting and shaving machines with excellent precision and reliability. A new machine launch is a rare event and visitors to this year’s show witnessed the launch of Aster.

Aster is the model name given to Mosconi’s latest evolution of their shaving machine. It has been specifically designed for shaving wet-blue although with a few minor modifications, including a different blade cylinder. It can also be used to shave vegetable and other metal/metal-free tanned leathers.

Aster is available in three large sizes (working width 2700mm, 3000mm and 3200mm) and two medium sizes (1800mm and 2400mm). The machine is constructed from a single heat-treated metal block and includes an automatic blade cylinder-sharpening device to keep the shaving precision constant.

The motorised rubber lined cylinder rotates when the table is in the closed position. This makes it easier for the operator to introduce the hide or skin into the machine. Aster is fitted with an anti-collision device to prevent the chrome-plated cylinder from colliding with the knife cylinder during cylinder closure movements. It is also fitted with other safety devices to protect the operator.

Mosconi have also built a system which automatically corrects thickness variations in the flanks of the leather. The operator is able to alter the profile of the knife cylinder to compensate for thickness variations across a hide.

Optional extras

As options extras, Mosconi offer a heavy-duty pc mounted on the machine with operating settings stored on a touch screen display. All data may be monitored and stored. It features an on-line interactive display with animated instructions to assist the operator. This also includes electronic operator instructions and a spare parts manual.

Mosconi also offer a remote problem solving service where they are able to download data from each machine remotely and offer technical assistance to customers. Problem solving can be quicker with the remote service as access is instant.