A new addition to the portfolio of Smit & Zoon, Synthol FF 992 is a product free of fish oil, but with the benefits of a fish oil based fatliquor.

Besides the similar features (softness, milling, colour, uniformity, fullness etc of the crust), Synthol FF 992 has many extra features compared with conventional fish oil based fatliquors such as Sulphirol C. Synthol FF 992 has a neutral smell and excellent lightfastness results which is a decisive advantage for leather.

Specifications are appearance: clear liquid; colour: yellow/orange; chemical base: sulfited natural and synthetic oils; active matter: 75%; pH: 6.5-7.5.


* suitable for the production of upholstery, garment and softy shoe uppers because of neutral smell, its nice touch, its excellent lightfastness, good softness, nice milling effect etc. The company claim the product is an absolute asset for leather. Sulphirol C can be exchanged 1:1 by Synthol FF 992 in the formulation for garment, upholstery and softy shoe uppers.

* suitable in the rechroming (1-3%)

* suitable in the neutralisation (1-4%)

* can be used as the main fatliquor, but preferably used in combination

* Synthol FF 992 has an excellent lightfastness

* neutral smell

* the right tear and tensile strength

* a low COD

* stability against chrome, acid, salt, 100° dH (dH = degree hardness – Germany): >2 hours – excellent

* can be supplied in drums, containers and bulk

* when the product is frozen, defrost at room temperature (20°C). Product will be clear liquid again and ready for use

* suitable for automatic dosage systems

Synthol FF 992 is a high performance alternative for Sulphirol C.

It shows a remarkably favourable price-quality balance. For more information, contact your local supplier or Smit & Zoon directly:

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Fax: +31-294-418758