Dr Eberle have introduced several new beamhouse chemicals aimed at producing higher performance leathers with a lower environmental impact. All the chemicals are produced according to German law, so the end-user can be sure that the products are applicable to the highest international standards.

Ebrolin G is a specially treated product for liming. Ebrolin G reduces the lime swelling effect and diminishes the formation of wrinkles and drawn grain. It provides light-coloured and scud-free pelts with less pigment spots. The quantity of sulfide is reduced. It can be included in a hair-save liming process and increases area yield.

Purgazym DG is a degreasing enzyme. It is used during soaking and liming for an improved removal of the natural fat. It also accelerates the decomposition of fats (triglycerides).

DG causes a break-up of the fats into more easily emulsifiable fragments. The break up of the fat during soaking, liming and bating is improved and the elimination of irregularly distributed natural fat is considerably enhanced.

Using Purgazym DG improves the even distribution of tannins and dyestuffs but does not affect the protein structure of the hide. Optimal conditions are at pH9-11. The use of Purgazym DG will improve the properties of waterproofed leathers as the need for detergents is drastically reduced.

Purgazym DML is an acid degreasing enzyme. Application of Purgazym DML reduces or even eliminates the need of surfactants to give a more homogeneous degreasing. It provides a more uniform colour and improves dyestuff uptake to give a cleaner appearance. DML also improves fogging values for automotive leather and makes production of hydrophobic leather simpler. Less foam is found in the wastewater using this product.

Neopalin AS is a dispersing and emulsifying agent. It achieves a quicker rewetting of the leather fibres and a cleaner grain surface when washing wet-blue. For fatliquoring, Neopalin AS imparts an even fat distribution through the cross section of the leather.

Licrol FSL is a fatliquor for leathers which require a flexible and fine grain. Its formulation of sulfated synthetic oils and lecithin provides good fixation and leads to a long lasting softness. Licrol FSL gives a pleasant waxy handle, a flexible grain and protects the leather from cracking. Suede has a fine silky lustre. It can also be used for shoe upper and softy leathers as the grain strength is not influenced.