Ingrassante D3 is a semi-transparent, straw coloured, fatliquor paste. The anionic, synthetic compound offers strong softness with excellent fullness and body. It imparts a characteristic waxy and silky surface touch to the grain. Crust leathers featuring Ingrassante D3 have good finishing absorption properties and good lightfastness.

Soluble in warm water, it can be used alone or in combination with anionic, non-ionic and amphoteric fatliquors. Ingrassante D3 is designed to be used on very soft articles such as shoe upper, garment and gloving. When used on suede and nubuck, it provides a soft and velvet touch.

Ingrassante S/D3 is an anionic fatliquor conferring excellent fullness with good body. It releases a characteristic waxy and silky surface touch without looseness. Due to its strong softening characteristic, Ingrassante S/D3 is used for very soft articles such as shoes, garments or gloves. It can be used alone or in combination with anionic, non-ionic and amphoteric fatliqours.

Mixed with Ingrassante SW it provides a soft mellow and tender body with lightweight characteristics. Ingrassante S/D3 and SW have good lightfastness. Used on suede and nubuck, Ingrassante S/D3 provides leathers with a gentle velvet touch.

Intan VBD is a vegetable extract blended with synthetic retanning agents. The product is used to impart optimal fullness without jeopardising the softness. Leathers retanned with Intan VBD also have a fine, tight grain. Used in retanning at 10-15% on the shaved weight, chrome leathers retanned with Intan VBD react very well to embossing, and have excellent milling ability. The product is suitable for goatskins used in clothing leathers, and for glazed goat leathers.

Intan FF is a brown coloured liquid based on a polycondensed resin. The anionic retanning agent is formalin free, with good lightfastness, making it suitable for the treatment of wet-blue and vegetable tanned leathers. It is an ecologically-friendly resin, which has been designed to be used on softy leathers which are firm and have very fine and tight grains. Leathers retanned with Intan FF have good dyeing properties and high grain burst resistance.

This compound is compatible with all anionic tanning agents and can be used in combination with syntans and/or vegetable extracts. Intan FF is appropriate for leathers that require good buffing properties.

SFT MV14 is a water dispersion used as a matt filling agent. It is used to increase the covering effect of a finish, and gives the leather a soft and silky coat. Used in resinous mixtures, SFT MV14 eliminates tackiness of the finish, facilitating pressing and plating.

SFT MV K is a matting agent for cationic covering mixtures which provides a particular pleasant dry touch. Addition of SFT MV K in the cationic ground coats is very useful for upgrading and it is possible to obtain a light finish with a natural look, while covering the imperfections. Due to the strong dulling power of SFT MV K, it is suggested that additions should be in the ratio of not more than 20-30% on resin quantity, to avoid any greying effect.

Alpatop 175 is a modified protein binder suitable for glazed leather articles. It promotes high brightness to the finish, forms a transparent film, with a very deep shine, excellent reactivity and a strong repolishability during the shoe glossing process. It can be used in combination with harder caseins.