As well as demonstrating their extensive range of established products for all stages of the manufacturing process, BASF will be focusing on innovative products and processes that offer ecological and economic advantages. This year’s highlight will be the presentation of the world’s first reactive dye for leather, Lugafast Black AN.

An international team will be in attendance on the stand to advise customers on the company’s new development and their comprehensive range of established, high-quality products.

Unprecedented wet and migration fastness levels highlight the features of Lugafast Black AN. Excellent perspiration resistance and washfastness are achieved on both leather manufactured with organic tanning agents and on chrome-tanned leather. Leather dyed with Lugafast Black AN will not bleed on skin or other materials that it comes in contact with, like light-coloured textiles or plastics such as pvc. Lugafast Black AN is fixed irreversibly to the leather fibres.

The innovative dyeing process makes it possible to obtain high-quality leather with a tight grain from a wide variety of raw materials. Lugafast Black AN can be used to dye leather evenly through the cross-section.

Lugafast Black AN is applied in a single-stage process: neutralisation, dye penetration and the fixation of the dye on the leather fibres are done in the same float. It is not necessary to dissolve Lugafast Black AN in advance. The complete dyeing process is optimised and the manufacturing process is more reliable.

Lugafast Black AN opens the door for creative material combinations, innovative designs and brilliant new products full of contrast and fantasy.