The aisles were busy in all the halls as the show got underway which is seen as a barometer of the Chinese and international leather market following the downturn in world economies. ‘Currently the production export and import of China’s leather industry is showing recovery trends. The total production value increased from May and continued to accelerate in June up by 8.2% compared with the previous month’, Su Chao Ying, secretary general, China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) said at the opening press conference.

Many exhibitors expressed the opinion that the sector has past the worse part of the slowdown and the indicators are that the market situation is improving but is not near the ‘good times’ of 2007 and early 2008. China and India appear to be leading the way while the markets in Europe, Latin America and North America are recovering more slowly.

The show takes place from September 2-4 and is organised by APLF Ltd and the CLIA and managed by UBM Asia. ACLE has 833 exhibitors representing tanners, traders and tannery suppliers among others from 36 different countries.