Vallero International were displaying their Propeller ML 5000, an advanced drum system.

The new processor is in stainless steel and has been specifically designed for retanning and dyeing.

It is a three compartment drum and the inside basket is polygonal. This is useful because it has a strong mechanical action on the leather and gives a shower effect, which has various advantages including:

* faster processing times

* savings on water and chemicals

* excellent chemical penetration

* good temperature and heating control

* an excellent space to productivity ratio

The drum is available in five sizes and is controlled through the Startware automatic control system. An alternative system, Drumware, can also operate the equipment, but is optional. Both systems provide a safe and precise control. The smart positioning, which is controlled by the pc and managed by an encoder, makes the drum operation easier. There are six drum stop positions, three for loading and three for unloading. The control of drainage, heating, temperature, rotation sequence, speed and run time are also provided.

Drumware can also manage the process formulae and can be linked to the automation system Tanware. The Propeller can be supplied by water mixing and chemicals addition units, already installed in the tannery. It is recommended that Tanware is linked to the processor along with the following systems:

* Aquaware, for water addition at the temperature and quantity required

* Chemware, for chemical dosage, both gravimetrically and volumetrically.