Thema have patented a new throughfeed drying tunnel which takes advantage of infra-red radiation to reduce the moisture content of hides and skins. Dry Tunnel TH009 was introduced by the Italian conveyor and stacking specialists at Tanning Tech.

The drying system is controlled by Thema’s ‘Dry Control’ system. This allows the moisture content and temperature of the material to be monitored during the leather drying process. The control device allows optimal air change during drying and gives the operator complete command of the leather moisture content and temperature in each of the four sections of the tunnel. Readings are taken throughout the tunnel from a series of sensors.

As the TH009 is a completely closed system, the operator is able to set the required temperature and final moisture content of the leather. As the hides or skins pass through each of the four sections, the humidity can be lowered gradually and consistently. The major advantage of TH009 compared with previous models is the way in which the leather is dried. Drying by infra-red allows the leather itself to be heated and not just the air around each piece. Therefore, the energy is targeted directly at the subject and not just the air space surrounding the hides or skins.

Dry Tunnel TH009 can be used on any type of leather from full upholstery hides through to garment skins. The sensors mounted in each of the drying sections have an accuracy of +-0.5% when monitoring the humidity of the leather.

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