Schill + Seilacher AG will be showing new advances in wet-end technology at the APLF 2006.

Lipsol MSG is a new generation leather softening agent with an extraordinarily low offer which produces leather with very good softness. Lipsol MSG can be used in very simple processes for all types of leather.

Perfectol XTC is a new waterproofing agent for simplified application methods which result in a firm leather character with excellent Maeser and water-absorption figures and very good water-vapour permeability.

Perpristol RCO is a new water-proof pull up oil for roller coating and drum application.

Vinkol MTV is for the soaking and liming process, which S+S describe as the ‘foundation stone’ of leather production. Modern economical processes for hair-burn or hair-save systems, with low sulfide offer, result in cleaner, flatter pelts, with reduced effluent loading.