Filling empty and loose-structured hides and skins continues to be a highly important task, especially in these times of high raw material prices, and the decreasing quality of hides and skins.

With the highly successful launch of MAGNOPAL IPF in 2013, TFL presented a unique way to fill the voids in empty structured hides and skins, and provided selective filling in an innovative way.

With the new MAGNOPAL IPR, TFL launches a dispersion featuring this unique pronounced filling in combination with a retanning and softening effect across the whole structure of hides and skins. It imparts a soft, lightweight filling and retanning effect with zero formaldehyde contribution. The product allows a level dyeing with minimal shade weakening.

MAGNOPAL IPR can help to simplify wet-end application recipes by reducing the amount of traditional softening, retanning and filling agents used, yet still it obtains a reduction in specific and area weight.

Leathers produced with this anionic formulation feature good heat-resistance and light-fastness with very good hydrolysis properties. No negative effect on physical properties has been observed.

The polymeric retanning agent can be used to produce a wide range of leathers based on wet-blue or wet-white, from soft articles, such as garment, upholstery and automotive leathers, to firmer types, like shoe upper and leather goods. Milled nappa shows a uniform break.

SELLATAN HAT liq: high-astringent tanning agent

For tight and compact leather articles, TFL launched a liquid astringent tanning agent with high tanning capacity – SELLATAN HAT liq. This new synthetic tanning agent helps to deal with challenging raw material quality to produce tight and compact leather articles. These special properties make the product unique in the TFL range.

As a retanning agent for chrome and chrome-free leathers, it allows tanners to produce quality leathers with consistent results. It provides exceptional fullness with a tight, uniform grain break for shoe, handbag and automotive articles. Tight grain and fullness are prerequisites for excellent embossing results, optimising the cutting yield.

Concentrated syntans normally come in powder form, making automatic dosing difficult. In addition, they significantly contribute to the salt in the wastewater. Although a liquid tanning agent, SELLATAN HAT liq can often replace powder syntans one to one.
The product is ideal for the production of tight and compact metal-free leathers.

It is contributing extremely little to the formaldehyde content in the final leather. The low formaldehyde and phenol content, and the minimal TDS contribution make SELLATAN HAT liq ideal for TFL White Line technology.

CORIPOL ESU: fatliquoring agent for all soft articles, especially automotive

Increased specifications from the automotive sector on heat and light fastness, especially on prolonged heat fastness on FOC leathers, are extremely challenging for the type and amount of fatliquor used in the wet-end process. Furthermore, there is a trend towards firmer, tighter and more compact automotive leather, where less softening power is required.

With CORIPOL ESU, TFL now offers an enhanced softening agent able to meet the above demands. It is ideal for producing medium soft articles with a silky handle, good grain tightness and a uniform milling pattern. Leathers show excellent light and heat fastness properties on wet-blue and FOC leathers, and they also have good gravimetric fogging values.

The product features a low specific weight, neutral odour and good electrolyte stability. CORIPOL ESU can be used alone or in combination for automotive leather articles based on wet-blue or wet-white as well as all other soft leather articles. It also features good dyeability.

CORIPOL ESU exhausts well with acidification of the fatliquor bath, thus helping to reduce COD and BOD values of tannery wastewater. It can be used to produce leathers that pass the TFL White Line specifications.

CORIPOL AV: fatliquoring agent for soft leathers

TFL has launched a new soft fatliquor with an excellent cost/performance ratio to produce a broad range of articles. The product is based on a combination of special natural and synthetic softening agents, and is suitable for making all types of soft leather articles.

CORIPOL AV features a pronounced softening effect with a full and silky-to-waxy handle. Leathers show good physical properties and especially good tear-resistance. The unique formulation provides good light and moderate heat fastness on wet-blue and FOC leathers. On top of which, the leathers show good gravimetric and reflectometric fogging values.

In the production of furniture upholstery leather, CORIPOL AV can be applied as a single fatliquor in a simple process, providing very good softness. In automotive and shoe-upper leather production, its main position is as a companion fatliquor.

Due to its electrolyte stability, the product can be used as pre-fatliquor in pickle and/or chrome baths; this also makes it suitable for semi and full-vegetable-tanned leathers.

CORIPOL AV is mainly based on renewable raw materials. The fatliquor bath exhausts well, thus reducing the COD and BOD values of the tannery wastewater. CORIPOL AV is free of any restricted or regulated substances and is thus suitable for the TFL White Line technology.


RODA base AF/B is an NMP-free and NEP-free multifunctional compound based on high-performing polymers, and touch modifiers forming a very soft and elastic film, allowing good penetration on leathers’ fibres. Even if it has been developed to be used on full-grain articles for upholstery, shoe uppers and garments, RODA base AF/B is also suitable for buffed leathers after application of a pre-ground, like RODA care NC, in order to restore the grain.

Leathers treated with RODA base AF/B are characterised by a good coverage and adhesion power. RODA base AF/B maintains the natural aspect and the softness of the leather without compromising the grain, giving the leather a very natural touch, reminiscent of the typical feel of the cationic articles. RODA base AF/B can be used as a single product or mixed with other resins and compounds. An important advantage of RODA base AF/B is that this product can be used in many different processes, from base coats to colour coats and even top coats.

RODA fix BT 1 is a NMP-free and NEP-free aqueous matt top coat especially developed for all kind of leather articles, from full-grain leathers to buffed and embossed articles. Even though it has been developed for upholstery, RODA fix BT 1 is also suitable for leather goods, shoe upper and garment articles. It forms a medium soft dull film with a talc-like warm touch. RODA fix BT 1 is a very easy-to-use product with excellent general physical properties, in particular wet and dry-rub fastness, but also heat and light resistances. RODA fix BT 1 keeps colours deep and brilliant, and is thus highly suitable for dark-coloured leather articles. Another important characteristic is its good printing behaviour. RODA fix BT 1 has an excellent flow, and guarantees best film formation and good physicals when being cross-linked.

RODA fix BT 1 is a well-performing top coat that can also be used in critical applicable conditions, avoiding any problem in terms of distension and distribution of the product on the leather’s surface.

RODA cor HTP are high performing and transparent fine-particle-sized pigments offering high fastness properties, brilliancy and natural aspect similar to the look achieved with finishing dyes. The pigments are suitable to be used for all kind of leather articles, from upholstery to automotive, and shoe upper to garment and leather goods. RODA cor HTP gives very good results in terms of physical performances: PVC migration, migration into finishing, heat and light resistances. Thanks to the high transparency, the RODA cor HTP range of pigments imparts a very natural look to leather articles. The pigments are suitable for any kind of leather application, from crust dyeing by spraying to the finishing of aniline and semi-aniline leather articles.

RODA cryl 577/N is a resin forming a fine, medium-soft film with good water resistance. RODA cryl 577/N gives a good feel to the leather and it is particularly suitable for garment, shoe upper, leather goods and upholstery leather articles, when a high degree of softness and good dry milling behaviour is required.

Thanks to its property of non-ionic chemical nature, RODA cryl 577/N can be mixed with cationic and anionic auxiliaries and all pigments of TFL range.

RODA care HF is the newest product in the TFL TopCare Upgrading System range. RODA care HF is a ready-to-use upgrading product designed to cover small and medium-size defects on all kind of crust to make different kinds of leathers, from automotive to shoe upper and leather goods.

Besides its excellent ability to cover the defects without overloading the grain, the key strengths of RODA care HF are the very high flexes achieved at room temperature as well as at a low of -30°C, and excellent dry and wet adhesion.