AMTAN and WL intend to create a market-leading joint venture, servicing designers and luxury brands in Europe and the Americas. Each company will focus on its core competencies for faster and more efficient skin-to-market execution. Additionally, they will collaborate and integrate key finishing and colour development offerings while extending established products to new markets.

Under the proposed partnership AMTAN will procure and source American alligator raw materials.

AMTAN will produce and supply WL with a continuous source of crust in order that they may produce a range of colours and finishes.

AMTAN will supply the American market with innovative fashion colours and finishes and provide for production of goods delivered inside the USA.

WL will colour, finish, and produce premium alligator skins for the European market and give excellent service for both large and small luxury brands.

WL and AMTAN will provide R&D for new finishes and colours and produce skins for the European and American markets.

Jointly, AMTAN and WL will share and collaborate technical knowledge and expertise to bridge the artisanal experience of both companies.

‘Whiteline and AMTAN represent the very finest exotic leather atelier-type tannery,’ says, Christy Plott Redd, AMTAN Creative Director. ‘Our commitment to quality, lack of bureaucracy, and flexibility for today’s luxury market enables us to respond to our clients’ needs with service, dependability, and quality. We are excited to collaborate and integrate our services so that we can become the top supplier of alligator in the world.’

Alberto Panterani, Chairman of Whiteline says, ‘Our partnership will allow our clients to have the resources of a large-scale tannery but the services of a small, family business. Both Whiteline and AMTAN were built on foundations of reliable, consistent, and top-notch customer care. Our integration will only strengthen these values and speed our deliveries, while fueling our quality as a global skin leader.’