Italian leather chemical manufacturers, Alpa, have produced a number of compounds across the whole leather making process. The new innovations include a beamhouse auxiliary, a retan, an acrylic binder, two finishing waxes and an anti-cracking agent. A brief description of each of the new products is given below.

Sinteral DHM 290 is a beamhouse auxiliary. The organic complex is to be added to the drum, processor or paddle to activate the unhairing process.

Sinteral FT680 is a multifunctional carboxylic copolymer which has been designed to be used during retanning. Alpa describes this product as an affinity promoter for the exhaustion of tanning agents. Sinteral FT680 gives the finished leather good fullness and a very tight grain.

Akral K 03: A soft cationic self crosslinking acrylic binder. This product is a high performance finishing compound for garment nappa leather and waterproof articles.

Lustral Wax BSH is a blend of special waxes that has been designed for burnishing effects. It has a high degree of reactivity both on vegetable and non-vegetable crust.

Lustral Wax PUL has been designed to be used on pull-up and buffed leather substrates. It is a blend of waxes.

Sinteral AS 70 is made from complexed cationic oils and amides. It has a number of uses such as an anti-grain cracking agent or in the finishing of cationic grounds. AS 70 provides the grain with a soft waxy touch.