At Tanning Tech 2005, the ALPA stand featured a studio section which showcased fashion accessories for spring and summer 2007 to demonstrate their various wet-end and finishing products. Atelier Alpafashion is an inspirational service for designers using leather. ALPA say that: ‘Where there is colour, nature cannot be missing; where there is nature, art exists. Art is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the whole industry of creativeness.’

The collection of leathergoods in the ‘studio’ section are created with the help of fashion specialists. The special effects on the leathers can be doubly appealing since they offer both interesting patterns and textures and can also be used to upgrade low quality material to give it a luxurious or stylish finish.

For leather finishing, ALPA were featuring Prefondal proteic and waxy grounds; Cational cationic finishing auxiliaries; Perlacor aqueous pearl pigments; Lacsuper premetallised liquid dyes; Fissativo-Alparet fixing and crosslinking agents; Lacsolvent premetallised aqueous dyestuffs; Cational wet and finishing dyestuffs; Nea nitrocellulose water emulsions; Lustral casein and waxy binders; Alpatop proteic/

polymeric tops; News transfer foil; Lustratop paste pigments; K-Top cationic pigments; Akral acrylic binders and SFT auxiliaries.