The Italian splitting machine manufacturers have made three alterations to their Sigma 2000 Touch model. The machine is available in two versions: for lime and wet-blue splitting. The machine has a working width of 3 metres to allow the splitting of full hides.

The updated machine features a new control panel which has a touch screen and is able to store 50 different splitting programs. The new control panel has also been fitted onto an adjustable arm which can be adjusted to allow the operators to monitor the machine’s settings during splitting. The control screen can be connected to the internet which allows Alpe-Spak’s engineers in Italy inspect the parameters of the machine immediately with any model located in a tannery throughout the world.

The Sigma 2000 Touch has also been fitted with a modified rubber emergency bar which automatically stops the band knife and retracts the doctor blade into the jaw plates.

The updated model has also been fitted with a new head. In the past it was only possible to adjust the machine on the flanks of the hides. The latest model has six points along the front of the splitter where six separate fly-wheels adjust the thickness across the hide during operation. The extra adjustments allow the operator to have greater control across a single hide or skin to avoid uneven separation of the grain and flesh layers.