Alpina have set up a subsidiary in Ukraine, aimed at increasing exports in this country, the Ziri-based footwear manufacturers said. The manufacturers have preferred Ukraine due to low supply of the market by western manufacturers on one hand and the rising standard of living of the country’s 48 million inhabitants on the other.

The new company, named Alpina UA, are based in Kiev, and their main focus will be on wholesale of sports and fashion footwear, later opening their own stores in the country. Alpina UA are the ninth company of the Slovenian manufacturer to be established abroad. The producer boasts a total of 114 stores in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary and Bulgaria, and plan to open their first store in Romania in September.

Alpina generated revenues of €19.6 million in the first half of the year, a decrease of 1.5% over last year.