This reorganisation will allow for clearer signposting of halls and product groups in order to save everyone’s time and effort getting around the large Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

Footwear and leather goods components suppliers, together with exhibitors that sell synthetic materials, will be located in Hall 3, situated upstairs and next to Fashion Access where the natural manufacturing clients of such suppliers exhibit.

A new special exhibit within MM&T, located in Hall 3, called Sourcing Luxury aims at answering the growing demand for luxury leather, materials and components, particularly from the major international fashion brands. The main goal of Sourcing Luxury is to identify all exhibitors in MM&T who are sources of luxury materials.

Tanners, suppliers of genuine leather and chemical companies offering products for the tannery processes will continue to be located in Hall 1 at the 2013 event, which takes place in Hong Kong from March 25 – 27.