The new BS EN ISO 20344 series of safety footwear standards dominated discussion at the Satra stand during the recent OS+HA occupational safety exhibition in Singapore. Satra believes it is the first European Notified Body to be able to carry out the complete range of revised tests and the centre’s experts were kept busy explaining the changes and implications for Far East manufacturers.

Executive director Austin Simmons said: ‘Demand for copies of the standards and testing has been high since they were published by the British Standards Institute at the beginning of September. Satra already has samples from several top name brands who are taking advantage of our comprehensive service and our heavily discounted test fees are designed to help manufacturers achieve the transition as painlessly as possible.’

Satra is offering discounts of up to 50% off all EN ISO 20344 safety footwear tests carried out during 2004. Single sample tests carried out by Satra will be discounted by 33%, while multiple samples will be eligible for discounts up to a maximum of 50%. The offer covers all tests carried out by Satra on safety and protective footwear tested against the new ENISO 20344 series of standards during 2004. It is available to all footwear manufacturers and suppliers regardless of whether they are already Satra customers or have had previous products certified at other notified bodies.

Satra also promoted its quality assurance and product certification expertise at the exhibition particularly relating to testing and certifying personal protective equipment for the European market.