A footwear technology conference was held on June 14 in Tehran. The conference saw the participation of approximately 150 representatives from as many Iranian companies. The initiative was organised by ICE and ASSOMAC in collaboration with the Iranian Ministry of Industry and Mines and ASSOMES, the local footwear association.

The conference formed part of an initiative aimed at promoting Italian footwear, leather goods and tanning technology.

For the last two years, ASSOMAC has been coordinating a collaboration project in Iran, within the framework of the ‘Italian-Iranian Leather-Footwear Joint Work Group’ under the aegis of the Mixed Commission set up by the governments of the two countries. The chairman on the Italian side is Pietro Torielli, and Mario Pucci coordinates.

Other initiatives organised by the working group include: a training course in Italy for Iranian footwear factory directors; a check-up on ten tanning companies and a tanning technology conference in Tehran; competitive company strategy training courses in Italy for 40 Iranian tanning and footwear company executives. Furthermore, since autumn 2002 delegations of Iranian footwear and tanning operators have participated in the SIMAC and Tanning Tech fairs.

As a result of the collaboration, Iran supplies Italy with hides, mainly in pickled or crust form whilst Italy supplies injection moulding machinery for footwear, tanning machinery, moulds, polyurethane and chemical products.