Atlas Refinery Inc have expanded their line with three new leather processing products:

Eureka 884 is the newest development from Atlas Refinery based on a combination of high quality bisulfited and sulfated natural oils. Eureka 884 gives excellent softness without compromising the break of the leather. Unique in its versatility it can be used in all types of shoe upper, garment and furniture leathers. Simply adjust the quantity offered for the desired temper.

Eureka ECO-1 is a new all-purpose sulfated economical fatliquor. The product is based on renewable natural oils. Leathers produced with Eureka ECO-1 have a smooth silky touch, are lightweight and have a tight break. Heat and light fast properties are also good.

Atlasol K-18 are 100% active concentrated finishing/stuffing compounds based on synthetic waxes and natural greases and oils. Atlasol K-18 were developed to have a wide application use in the production of vegetable belting, latigo, and classic American chrome tanned pull-up leathers. Using Atlasol K-18 products will produce a leather with moderate to firm temper, waxy handle, and pronounced dark pull-up effect. For (water soluble) drum application (ie: hot stuffing) the Atlasol K-18 products are not water miscible when used alone and must first be melted and mixed with anionic or cationic fatliquors from Atlas before addition to the drum. The quantity used will depend on the desired effect.

Atlasol K-18 can be used alone only if being used in a traditional forced hot air (at 135°C, 275°F) hot stuffing drum with a leather moisture content under 50%. This is a non-float application. Typically, this process is for full vegetable harness/belting and latigo leathers. In finishing Atlasol K-18 can be applied alone by a hot roll coater at 70°C or in conjunction with other finishing products from Atlas.