On January 28, 2003, Atlas Refinery inc, Newark, New Jersey, USA, and Flame Seal Products inc, Houston, Texas, USA, entered into an exclusive distribution agreement. The agreement establishes Atlas Refinery as the global, exclusive distributor of Leather Seal, Flame Seal’s established fire retardant for leather upholstery in aircraft, trains, automobiles and furniture.

Atlas Refinery, founded in 1887, are well-established suppliers of tanning oils, lubricants and auxiliaries for the worldwide leather industry. They are an aggressive, innovative company with a focus on product development to remain at the leading edge of tanning and fire resistive technologies.

This agreement establishes a unified effort between the two companies to better serve the global leather marketplace. It is the first of its kind for Flame Seal Products, and represents the beginning of a new phase of business development for the company, in keeping with the ‘key’ strategy of seeking alliances with strong corporations well established in specific target industries.