In the highly competitive car market, one of the major distinguishing features is often represented by the provision of leather interiors.

The ChimontGroup have implemented a process, called Automax, that enables tanners to meet the standards requested by the market, but with lower costs. Automax, the compact formulation from the ChimontGroup, is the combination of three products: Chimotan JW, Chimoil AT and Chimoil FL.

The exceptional nature of this process relies first of all in the small quantity of products used to get the excellent final results.

Through this process the water consumption is reduced by around 50% compared with the traditional processes and costs and timing of workmanship decreases accordingly.

The determining component for the reduction time for soaking is Chimotan JW. This not only fills the leather grain in the best way, but it also improves the fastening of the other products of this formulation.

The complete absorption of the reagents by the leather optimises the water consumption and leaves the wastewater well exhausted. In this way respect for the environment is assured and the leather is solid, round, full and able to pass the fogging test.

The products are simple to use and only a low quantity is required. The process offers low environmental impact, better leather quality and higher economic benefits.