With the extension of this year’s Tanning Tech, Münzing Chemie will be exhibiting on a bigger stand in hall 31, stand B15-C14.

The company’s focus at the exhibition will be their latest technology for chrome and chrome-free automotive upholstery leathers that fulfil all of the car industry’s quality requirements.

The company’s new chrome-free pre-tanning system using Edaplin VA 50 and Edaplin GPW will be particularly highlighted. Edaplin is an aldehyde-free pretanning agent and Edaplin GPW is a replacement syntan for safe and easy-to-reproduce chrome-free leathers in bulk production. In the retanning system, Syncurol 79, a softening agent based on acrylic polymers as well as natural and synthetic softening agents, will be used in combination with Cuirol SL, a modern lecithin-based fatliquor system.

For full-chrome leathers, Münzing Chemie are placing their focus on Syncurol SE, a semi-synthetic automotive upholstery fatliquor with excellent light and heat fastness. The product is designed to achieve extremely low graphimetric fogging results as well as meeting the latest car industry standards, including the latest headspace requirements.

In the retanning of full-chrome automotive upholstery leather, the company suggest the use of their retanning agents Edaplin GPW, Edaplin GPP, Edaplin GPS, Edaplin GPH and Tafigal P as a protein filler for increased clicking yield.

Leathers produced according to Münzing Chemie’s advanced technology will be on display and recipes can be discussed with the company’s leather experts.

For customers looking for waterproof shoe upper leathers, Münzing Chemie’s latest additions to their waterproofing range can be discussed. For example, Ombrellon WG assists the tanner in achieving a more even distribution of waterproofing agents in the cross-section of the leather, resulting not only in better waterproof levels but also avoiding looseness on thicker hides.

The Münzing Chemie leather team looks forward to meeting visitors in Bologna.

Hall 31, stand B15-C14