Styled ‘Tannery waste and public health and environmental disaster in Hazaribagh’, the meeting was organised by Bapa at Hazaribagh Samaj Kalyan Samity office in the city (Dhaka).

 The speakers said some unscrupulous businessmen at the adjacent flood protection embankment of Nabipur lane, Kalunagar and Battala of the area are manufacturing poultry feed using tannery waste which they say is very harmful.

They further said that Hazaribagh tannery has been polluting the Buriganga, the lifeline of Dhaka, as untreated tannery waste are being dumped into the river regularly. 

To save the river, it is necessary to stop dumping untreated tannery waste into the river, they added.

 Bapa president Prof Muzaffer Ahmad, vice president Sayed ANM Wahed, general secretary Dr Md Abdul Matin and architect Iqbal Habib addressed the meeting.

Source: The Daily Star, Dhaka