With immediate effect, and unless this would be in breach of existing contractual agreements, BASF are raising global prices for ethanolamines, ethylene amines and isopropanolamine. The price hikes come in response to increasing raw material prices for ethylene and ethyleneoxide as well as propylene and propyleneoxide.

The prices of the individual products will be raised by 80-120 euros per metric ton in Europe. In Asia, NAFTA, South America and other non-European countries, the prices will go up by US$100-150 per metric ton.

The products in question are intermediates used among other things in the manufacture of timber protectants, cement additives as well as surfactants for cleaning agents and detergents.

BASF produce ethanolamines at their sites in Ludwigshafen and Antwerp, isopropanolamines at the Ludwigshafen site and ethylene amines at their site in Antwerp.