BASF have received a 2005 Supplier Performance Award from Eagle Ottawa, Auburn Hills, Mich, a leading supplier of premium leather for the automotive industry. According to Mickie Miller, director of procurement for Eagle Ottawa, the Supplier Performance Award is based on exceeding performance expectations in the areas of quality, cost reductions, value analysis and value engineering, delivery, service and support, and innovation.

‘Each supplier’s performance against these metrics is reported and tracked through our supplier ratings’, Miller said. ‘This is the first time Eagle Ottawa has awarded suppliers with this type of recognition, and only three other chemical suppliers received this award.’ BASF’s Performance Chemicals for Leather business, which is part of the Performance Chemicals division, provides a number of finishing and tanning products to Eagle Ottawa.

‘The automotive industry is very demanding and our vision as a company is to be the most respected leather manufacturer in the world. To accomplish our objective, we have to respond to the changing needs of our customers, and it is vital that our suppliers react quickly to our needs. We appreciate the efforts that were made by BASF in 2005 to make them eligible for this award’, Miller said.

Mike Scarpati, business manager, Performance Chemicals for Leather and Textiles for BASF in North America, said the award demonstrates BASF’s commitment to helping customers to be more successful. He added that the award is also a testament to the efforts of the Performance Chemical for Leather team around the world that supports Eagle Ottawa’s operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

‘We recognize the challenges that Eagle Ottawa faces to produce leather products for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. We want to be a consistent and reliable partner for them’, said Scarpati. ‘At BASF, we recognize that quality is a continuous process, and we will work even harder to exceed our performance this year.’

BASF Corporation, headquartered in New Jersey, is the North American affiliate of BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF employ around 10,000 people in North America and had sales of approximately $11.3 billion in 2005. For more information about BASF’s North American operations, or to sign up to receive news releases by e-mail, visit [].