Acooperation between Bayer and the Brazilian company SETA in the field of vegetable tanning extracts was announced during the APLF in Hong Kong last month. The purpose of the agreement is to utilise both companies’ strengths.

At the same time, Bayer will complete their product range in the field of wet process chemicals.

In this cooperation, SETA will be responsible for the development and production of mimosa products. The range consists of eight different types of wattle extracts and three auxiliaries for vegetable tanning.

The products will be marketed under the trade names of SETA. Bayer will act as a distributor in selected countries which include China, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan. Bayer will also provide the technical service.

The agreement has been signed to complement Bayer’s range and act as a driver to promote their synthetic tanning activities as many of Bayer’s syntans can be used in combination with vegetable extracts such as mimosa.

This agreement is different to the one signed between Bayer and Rohm & Haas.