Werner Spinner, a member of the board of management of Bayer AG, left the company for personal reasons at the end of February. The management board of the holding company, under the leadership of chairman Werner Wenning, is to be reduced from five to four members.

The supervisory board of Bayer AG will meet to decide on the proposed reduction of the size of the management board and the new distribution of responsibilities. According to the proposal, chief financial officer Klaus Kühn will take over responsibility for the regions ‘Europe’ and ‘Regions of the World’. Dr Udo Oels, responsible for Innovation, Technology and Environment, will in the future be the board member representing the region ‘Asia’. Dr Richard Pott’s areas of responsibility will include the regions North, Central and South America in addition to his responsibilities for Strategy and Human Resources as well as ‘Business Excellence’.

Werner Spinner began his career at Bayer in 1974 as a member of the Pharmaceuticals Staff Department. After serving in a variety of marketing and sales positions at home and abroad, he was named head of the former

Consumer Care Business Group in 1994 and was appointed to the board of management on February 1, 1998.

Supervisory board chairman Dr Manfred Schneider and management board chairman Werner Wenning thanked Spinner for his contributions to the company and wished him all the best for the future.