The UK’s leading forklift attachment company, B&B Attachments have launched the T351ES series, a corrosion resistant rotator for fish processing, tanneries, salt mines and environments where acids and alkalis are used. Developed by Kaup GmbH & Co KG, the rotators are painted with a special corrosion resistant finish (RAL 5005), which helps protect them against the effects of seawater, salt and acid.

Available in two sizes and two optional finishes, the T351ES ISO Class II version is suitable for trucks up to 2.5 tonne capacity whilst the ISO Class III versions has been specifically developed for trucks of between 3 and 3.5 tonne. The T351ES is painted with the corrosion resistant finish and is equipped with galvanized bolts whilst the fork carriage and flange have been galvanized and the remaining parts finished with three layers of corrosion resistant paint. Both models are also available as T391.ES which has separate rear side shift mounting with end of stroke slow down, and a variety of carriage widths are available on all models.

Like standard rotators, the attachments have been manufactured for a wide range of fork spaces, enabling each fork to be safely secured at the highest stress point of the rotating loads. Following assembly, bolt recesses are sealed with a coal tar and silicone coating.

Kaup manufacture a wide range of standard rotators for forklift trucks ranging from one ton to 50 tons. All are available in sideshifting and non-sideshifting options for a wide range of specialist applications including the foundry industry and hazardous areas.