Solvay Química y Minera is a leader in the manufacture and supply of sodium sulfide and sodium hydrosulfide flakes to the tanning industry. Both commodity products are used during the hair removal process in the beamhouse drum operations.

Other products for the leather industry include sodium metabisulfite and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). Caustic soda is available in granular and micro-granular forms and it is fast dissolving.

Solvay’s main market for leather chemical products is Mexico. They also have plant and offices in the town of Garcia, Nuevo León specifically for the tanning industry. The site is close to the tanning zone of León. To further boost their presence in the Mexican tanning market they have employed a distributor in León. Quimartsa supply Solvay products specifically to the tanning sector. Solvay’s main activities for Central America are based in the Mexican City of Monterrey.

The company is already a well-established supplier to the Mexican tanning industry and now they are looking to expand their leather chemical sales to other major tanning countries throughout the world.

Solvay, an ISO9002 certified company, have been in business for 140 years and are a multinational chemical and pharmaceutical supplier headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. In total they have 400 branches in 50 countries.

In addition to leather chemicals Solvay also manufacture PVC products under the Benvic trade name, which is used as plastic sole material for footwear.