Since Bergi Ofb trialled the first SuperStar throughfeed rotary ironing and embossing press in a tannery in Santa Croce, Italy, in July 2001, the number of machines sold has risen to ten. ‘Whenever a company launches a prototype, normally there are small modifications which need to be made before the machine is available on the open market’, Mauro Bergozza, marketing director, Bergi, told Leather International. ‘With the SuperStar we have not had to make any modifications as we got the prototype right the first time. It is very unusual for this to happen with tannery equipment.’

The new machine is available in five different sizes depending on the size of the leather to be ironed or embossed. It is aimed at tanners of finished sides or hides for footwear, leathergoods, upholstery or garments.

The SuperStar is an evolution of Bergi’s Superpress technology combined with a completely new cylinder storage carrousel. The new machine features a new three-positioned roller holder carousel, which can be fitted with one, two or three rollers. Each roller can automatically be changed with a simple push of a button.

The heating system uses a diathermic oil and consists of elements which achieve the maximum set temperature accurately with minimum energy consumption. The SuperStar is supplied with a single heating unit for several operator rollers. Upon request, heating rollers can be supplied for each roller.

The feeding conveyor has been designed to minimise pleating and a special felt has been produced to withstand the high working pressures and temperatures. All the electrical equipment is housed in a separate cabinet and the felt roller is automatically centred.

The rollers are automatically heated and the temperature is fully programmable. The machine also includes an open water circuit for cooling the rollers and each of the heated cylinders is automatically cooled before the machine is completely switched off.