The total kill of cattle including calves and horses in 2001 was around 350,000 head, a reduction of almost 9%. However, the prognosis for 2002 is that this figure will climb by 2%. The market share of the farmer’s coop was 76-77%, a small increase on the previous year. Two private operators controlled the remainder of the kill, but by July 1, 2001, the farmer’s coop (Norsk Kjøtt) and one of the private operators (Rieber Skinn) formed a joint venture. Rieber are collecting hides and skins from private abattoirs but making selection and selling through Norsk Kjøtt.

The export markets for Norwegian hides have traditionally been European tanneries, but the number of hides being sold to Asia has been increasing.

The total kill of sheep and lambs was about 1,180,000 head, an increase of around 4.5% on 2000. The prognosis for 2002 shows a decrease of 2% for this category. Around 74% were killed in the farmer’s coop abattoirs, an increase of 2.5% on the previous year.

The production of bovine light leather was around 561,000m² plus about 25,000 pieces of bovine wet-blue: in total, a small decrease from the year before. In addition, a small number of ovine skins and skins from game animals was also produced.

Source: Norwegian Association for Hides and Skins/ICHSLTA