BLC has had a partnership with FYT in Haining for two years now and the routine testing services offered through this partnership has grown steadily. In the past six months they have seen a 50% increase in the volume of the testing within this business.

BLC-FYT is structured to offer a complementary service to BLC’s UK based testing. It provides a limited range of basic services at source, for local manufacturing companies requiring routine testing services. To ensure that the high standards of quality are maintained the laboratory is regularly audited by BLC. BLC-FYT is also approved by the following domestic accrediting bodies – CNAL, CMA and CAL.

To meet the growing needs of customers using these services and to improve communications, Emily Wang has been appointed as customer services representative at BLC-FYT. Emily, who has solid experience in customer services will provide a valuable liaison role.

This relationship is aimed at providing a high level of service to meet the growing volume of business in China.

For further information contact Adam Hughes on or +44(0) 1604 679936.