The latest development from tannery machinery specialists Bauce is called Bluepress.

This is an hydraulic sammying machine ideal for stretching and sammying chrome-tanned hides. Bluepress is available with one or two blade cylinders with independent movement controlled via a PC. The machine was designed to maximise drying power. This is achieved via use of a totally hydraulic system with four drying rolls.

Bluepress also benefits from a fast maintenance system and easy to change felts. A distributor pump allows the felts to be washed. Felt centering and spreader roll movement are controlled automatically. The control panel displays both the thickness of the hide and the working speed. Bluepress features an electronic hide counter. The machine is suitable for use by non-specialised personnel.

Components are of the highest quality. The spreader roller has blades made from stainless steel, pressure rollers are covered in top quality rubber and stretcher cylinders are covered in stainless steel to ensure long life. Pressure accumulators are arranged directly on the pressing pistons to prevent breakage of the felts. The entire structure is sanded and sprayed with a galvanised coat followed by an epoxy undercoat, an embossed coat and the fourth and fifth coats are sprayed-on epoxy paints. The machine’s throughfeed conveyor offers better stretching of the hides. The new system also features double spreading cylinders that work on the hides at the same time, allowing an increased area yield.

Also featured on the Bauce stand at Tanning Tech was the modified Trophy sammying/setting out machine. The main advantage of Trophy is the increased blade diameter, up to 235mm from a previous diameter of 180mm.

In the latest version, all movement is independent and two blade cylinders are positioned together to work on the middle part of the leather. The machine, which is controlled via a PC, can verify the thickness of the blade cylinder and speed of the belt. The pvc conveyor features two felts.