As already announced, DyStar, a leading supplier of products and services for the textile industry, signed an agreement to acquire the business activities of the Boehme Group. As a result the well known Boehme product range for wet processes in leather production will be complemented in future with dyes and the well established leather finishing range of DyStar.

At the forthcoming ACLE in Shanghai the Boehme booth will feature all specialities with regard to the beamhouse and wet-end, whereas at the opposite stand colleagues of DyStar will present products with the main focus on finishing and dyes.

Boehme will be exhibiting the following new products at this fair:

Gelon PKN is an excellent washing agent, free of alkylphenolic ethoxylates, which can be applied in soaking, washing and degreasing of all raw skins and hides. Due to its strong emulsifying effects on natural fat, the product is also suitable for the degreasing of raw skins and hides with a high content of natural fat.

Cutapol GGL is a special fatliquor for all soft leather types, such as gloving and garment leathers. Besides an excellent softness and extreme stretchiness, Cutapol GGL produces light-weight leathers with full, round and pleasant greasy touch. Due to its special raw material components, the product has an excellent light and heat yellowing fastness and thus can be applied for the production of white gloving and garment leathers. Leathers fatted with Cutapol GGL can be excellently dyed and distinguish themselves by a high levelness.

Cutapol RPN is a fatliquor for shoe upper leather which produces soft, but tight leathers with a round, pleasant greasy touch. Leathers fatted with Cutapol RPN show excellent buffing and embossing properties and produce very even and uniform dyeings.

Cutapol SAL is a sulfated universally applicable fatliquor which produces leathers with excellent tight grains in the looser parts of the hide like bellies and flanks. The product has a positive effect on grain tightness and fullness and can, therefore, be applied on automotive, upholstery and shoe upper leathers, where it improves the press cutting results. Leathers fatted with Cutapol SAL have a round, pleasant, full and warm touch.

Tannit AL is an aluminium tanning agent in powder form, which can be applied in the tanning of furs, in the retannage of sheep and goat suede and for fixing hydrophobic finishes. When applied alone as solo tanning agent on furs, Tannit AL produces white, stretchy and light-weight fur leathers. As retanning agent on suede leather, leathers with fine short nap and high brilliancy can be achieved.

The Boehme team is looking forward to welcoming you onto their stand and supporting the development of your business.

DyStar have introduced the new range of Solvaderm MF dyes (‘metal free’ dyes) with excellent compatibility and fastness properties, specially developed for dyeing of wet-white.

The range of Solvaderm MC dyes (‘metal complex’ dyes) is particularly recommended for dyeing all types of leather and can also be used in combination with the Solvaderm MF types. Both ranges (Solvaderm MF as well as Solvaderm MC) include dyes with very brilliant shades and excellent fastness properties. Their ability to penetrate the grain deeply guarantees excellent levelness and upgrading.