The event will take place at the High Point Plaza Hotel and Conference Center during the ShowTime market event at the ShowTime event in High Point. On display will be many of the country’s top leather manufacturers eager to meet with interior designers and industry buyers interested in learning about their latest products. This is the organisation’s first exhibition at ShowTime.
The show will take place from 3-7pm in the Victorian Ballroom at the recently renovated High Point Plaza Hotel and Conference Center. No vendor appointments are necessary. Instead, visitors can speak with representatives from Brazil’s leather companies at leisure while touching and seeing the latest products available.
“Brazil is known for some of the world’s best tanneries producing top-quality leather used in the fashion, upholstery, automotive, and boating industry,” says the Executive President of CICB, Jose Fernando Bello. “We know that bringing our products to the ShowTime market in High Point will allow us to connect with the most connected and experienced buyers in the industry.”
CICB is celebrating its 55th anniversary and its first showing in the United States, the third biggest market for Brazilian leather in the world.
US companies that use Brazilian leather include Learjet, Ford, and GM among others.
Brazil is one of the biggest leather suppliers in the world with exports of 28 million hides per year. Overall, more than 40 million hides are produced within the country, which is made even more impressive thanks to sustainable practices used by many manufacturers including conservation of water, cattle farm fair-trade practices, and organic tanning technology (chrome-free, without the use of heavy metals).
“Raw materials are used from eco-friendly resources native to Brazil adding an exotic touch to these products that boosts value and creates a uniqueness that consumers are looking for these days,” says Bello.
Exhibitors at the show will include the following companies:

Nova Kaeru: an exotic bio leathers tannery specializing in tanning fish, ostriches and caiman leathers. 

JBS Couros: The largest Brazilian exporter of leather. The company is known as the largest animal protein processing company in the world making meat, leather, biodiesel, collagen, and cleaning products. It is a key supplier for the automotive, upholstery, shoe, and accessory sector. The company has 14 industrial units in Brazil and one in China.

Durli: Celebrating its 52 anniversary in 2012, this company has four units and produces wet-blue, crust for upholstery (35,000 hides per month) for export and also finished leather. 

Casa de Couros Romeu: a top provider of leather allowing customers to add their own identity through textures, colours, or photos. 

Gobba: a specialist in bovine leather for upholstery producing 2,300 hides per day. The company also has its own American warehouse of anthem leather offering Brazilian-made products to the US market.