The award ceremony for students who have completed a course of study at the British School of Leather Technology, University College, Northampton, took place as usual at the Leathersellers’ Company in London. Prize winners in the Bsc (Hons) Leather Technology (2004-2005) category were first Marc Gummer; second Zafarul Amin; third Salem Kakish.

The Leathersellers prize went to Jian Hui Jay Lim and the Leather International prize to Min Chieh Joel Chan who is with Stahl Asia Pte, Singapore.

Anne Lama, Bangladesh, and Natarajan Radha Krishnan, India, are Msc Leather Technology students and the Leathersellers certificate went to Yusuf Ahmed, UK; Ching Hunn-Hoong, Leon, Singapore; Shariq Mansoor, India; Mohammad Saqib, India; Almaas Shakeel, India; and Katya Steen, EU.