BSc (Hons) Materials Technology (Leather), 1st prize – Juan Pablo Salazar Moreno (also recipient of the Union Specialties scholarship). 2nd prize – Zaid Alam. 3rd prize – Naveed Ashraf (also recipient of a Leathersellers’ Company scholarship). Leather International Award – Diego Fernando Triana Ramirez (also recipient of a Leathersellers’ Company Scholarship), Leathersellers’ Certificate. Leathersellers’ Award for Leather Practice – Saqib Munir.
Also present at the ceremony was Jarryl D’Oyley who benefitted from a Leathersellers’ Apprenticeship with BLC while studying MSc Leather Technology at BSLT.

The presentation was at Leathersellers’ Hall, London by Leathersellers’ master, Charles Barrow.

During the ceremony presentations were given to the students from University of Northampton, vice chancellor, Anne Tate and Colombian tanner, Juan Manuel Salazar, director, Americana de Curtidos.