Raymond Beard of Buckman Laboratories Australia and New Zealand has won the 2002 Edward Weiss Memorial Award for Excellence in the Leather Industry.

The Edward Weiss Memorial Award, which honours an early industry pioneer, was established to provide recognition for an individual whose endeavours over the previous twelve months have contributed in a significant way to Buckman’s progress in the leather industry.

The award is based on peer recognition of meritorious service and industry excellence. Raymond has been singled out, not only for his achievements in the Australian and New Zealand industries, but also for his contributions in Asia and ‘virtual’ assistance around the world. His combination of strong technical ability and sales knowledge has helped change the customer’s perspective of Buckman from being a company that sells ‘biocides only…and a few degreasers’ to ‘wet-end specialists with an innovative product range’.

Beard has been with Buckman for four years. Prior to Buckman, he worked as general manager and senior technician of an exotic skins tannery and technician at a wet-blue tannery.

Some highlights of Beard’s contributions since joining Buckman are as follows:

A frequent contributor on the global leather forum, including detailed process recipes

Participation in the AOLF technical meetings and trade show in April 2002 – sharing the results of his work and experiences

Very active in testing new products and initiating the invention of new ones

Beard is a tanner who loves the leather making process. He has the technical capability and experience to rise to the many challenges that face the industry today. His training and years of experience are invaluable to the furthering of Buckman Laboratories’ leather industry interests. He

is indeed a worthy candidate for the 2002 Edward Weiss Memorial Award.