Buckman Laboratories held the official opening of their new operating plant in QingPu, Shanghai, China, on May 21.

Ms Kathy Buckman Davis, chairman of the board, Bulab Holdings Inc, Steven Bruce Buckman, chief executive officer and president, Bulab Holdings, Edson P Peredo, president, Buckman Laboratories International Inc, Dennis Dalton, managing director, Buckman Laboratories (Asia) Pte Ltd, and Zhang Ming, general manager, Buckman Laboratories (Shanghai) Chemicals Co Ltd, officiated at the ceremony.

Buckman Asia’s newest manufacturing facility is located in the new industrial zone of QingPu, Shanghai, China. This 24,000 sq m site comprises state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, laboratories, warehouse and offices, and was designed in accordance with Buckman’s worldwide stringent environmental and safety principles.

It is also intended as a zero-discharge facility and to maintain the highest standards possible in environmental responsibility. The facility capacity is designed for 6,000 metric tons a year in phase one, and is capable of expanding to double and treble the capacity.

Buckman Laboratories are a privately held, speciality chemical corporation that was founded in 1945. With ‘Creativity for Our Customers’ as the company credo, customer-driven innovation has led Buckman to evolve into a global organization with proprietary chemicals numbering well over 1,000 which are widely used by many industries all over the world.

Buckman serve three global target industries: pulp and paper, water treatment and leather. The company attribute their success in these industries to providing complete solutions for their customers, rather than a product approach. This is possible through Buckman’s broad product lines and their highly trained and experienced technical staff.

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