The consensus of opinion was that while some business was conducted during Lineapelle and Tanning Tech, visitor numbers were definitely down, reflecting the depressed state of the trade at the moment. Despite this, there were some new machines on show and a whole host of innovative and attractive leathers.

The second day of the show was judged the busiest and Lineapelle continued well into the afternoon of the third day against the normal tendency to pack up early. Over at Tanning Tech, however, it was a different story on its last, the fourth day, with little evidence that tanners had remained behind to look at the new technology on show.

The layout of the two fairs was redistributed with Lineapelle occupying two new pavilions, a two-storey building numbered 16 and 18. This freed two single-storey pavilions, 31 and 32, for the overflow of chemicals suppliers at Tanning Tech from their previous top floor location, Hall 34. Representatives of chemical companies reported that business on the first day was very slow as visitors were taking time to get used to the new layout, but that the overall quality of visitor was high. Tanning machinery occupied the usual two ground floor halls, 33 and 35.

Hall 34 has long been overcrowded and the new move gave organisers a chance to increase the space available to exhibitors. Many welcomed their new location which offered daylight and fresh air and a greater feeling of people passing by. However, on the basis that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, others missed their cramped former site which offered familiarity and the sense of greater activity which comes with overcrowding.