Olcina, Spain, are very proud of their Cangilones drum technology which offers a number of advantages to the tanner including a reduction in water and energy requirements which lead to important savings in effluent treatment. In addition, a Cangilones equipped beamhouse requires 48% less area than traditional drums.

In a complete technical/comparative cost related study, Olcina were able to show a number of quality, economic and operative advantages. They found savings of 60% for setting up the beamhouse, taking into consideration civil works, ancillary installations, facilities for water, steam and chemical products, effluent treatment and power.

They also claim the following operating advantages:

* improved leather quality

* greater area yield

* water savings of 55-60%

* energy savings of better than 80%

* significant savings in chemicals

* important savings in effluent treatment

* significant increase in productivity

Initially Cangilones drums were introduced for liming and tanning, allowing the tanner to produce wet-blue at the least possible cost, with high productivity and unbeatable quality. The Cangilones drum applies to soak/lime (split in the lime) and then tanning, as well as ‘one-shot’ straight-through soak/lime/tan (split in the blue) within the same drum.

The Cangilones drum allows processing of both small and large loads and can use the traditional methods already in use. However, Cangilones offers a range of possibilities to the tanner, enabling him to increase the hide load and reduce the input of water to levels previously unthought of while, at the same time, producing a superior quality of wet-blue.

Drums have a greater loading capacity (40-80% higher than conventional drums). The system also allows for a controlled swelling thus giving flatter hides, limp necks and bellies free of wrinkles and vein marks.

The success of the Cangilones for liming and tanning, led the company to apply the same principles and benefits to drums for retanning/dyeing. The drums are available in wood or stainless steel (the Cangilones-Inox) versions. Both feature the Quick Drain system for rapid wash/drain of float. The wooden drums are made from Bolondo wood.


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