The Cangilones concept for beamhouse and tanning drums was launched by the Olcina Group last year and introduced in the November 2001 edition of Leather International. Further developments have culminated with the launch of the stainless steel Cangilones-Inox drum at Tanning Tech.

It can be used on all types of hides and skins and has the major advantage of being more environmentally friendly than other types of retanning and dyeing drums. It is manufactured from AISI-316L stainless steel with a mirror finish inside. The main body has been fully insulated to avoid temperature loss and the door opens automatically with an airless seal.

It allows the tanner to increase the volume of leather processed (40-50% compared with conventional vessels) while decreasing the volume of water and process chemicals. The drum features a quick draining system using two pneumatic drain valves. Currently, the drum is available in two sizes with a further three larger sizes in the pipeline. Olcina will custom build the drum to a customers particular specifications. The outside waste collection chute is also made from stainless steel. The machine can be controlled automatically. It is fully guarded by a stainless steel barrier and the whole drum is assembled within the tannery on a fully self-supporting stainless steel base. The drum has variable speed control and all operations are controlled from a K-PLC electronic command panel.