In the Canterbury tales column of the February 2001 issue of Leather, Graham Lampard challenges us all to think about the perception of the industry standard chrome tannage.

One point that irritates me every time I see or hear it is the remark ‘the leathermaking process produces three times as much solid waste as it does leather’. Even a BLC staff member at the Annual Seminar made this same comment last year.

Surely the correct comment is that the leather industry takes a waste product of the meat industry and converts it into a useful product. So the scenario mentioned above is rather ‘the leathermaking process converts at least 25% of a waste product into something useful.’

It is time that the leather industry started learning to motivate itself by presenting a positive image, rather than always presenting it in a negative light and thereby giving the ‘knockers’ further ammunition.

Dr Campbell Page

TFL Ledertechnik AG