Carpetex products on display in Bologna:

Merpizym 8008 is a special preparation of proteases for soaking dried hides as well as for fresh or green hides. The soaking properties of this product obtain an excellent removal of scud and sludge.

Merpin 8011 is a special development for the successful soaking of stale raw hides.

Merpizym 4581 is a combination of enzymes used in the liming and deliming processes and the product obtains an excellent removal of hair roots, scud and grease. A significant property of this product is that should an over dose occur, the hides will not be damaged.

Merpin 6030 is used in the Carpetex 2WS System hairsaving liming system and also as an unhairing agent, which helps to create a sulfide-free or low-sulfide liming process. Scud and hair roots will be removed and pigments are reduced. The resulting pelts show a brilliant colour.

Corimerpin 4918 is an ammonia-free deliming agent that obtains a very fine grain. Hydrophan 8045 is a light stable fatliquor, offering improved tear strength.

On the stand will be W Peters, G Klinkenberg, M Keppner and R Vogel.

Hall 32, stand B9