China has completed the adjustment of most-favoured-nation import tariffs for the leather sector as per the rules of WTO, the import tariffs on semi-finished leather for two HS codes were lowered slightly compared with 2010. The average most-favoured-nation import tariffs for leather are now 12.06%.
China has also imposed conventional tariffs on FTA areas, while the import tariffs on leather and leather goods continue to be cut for Pakistan, New Zealand and Peru. Tariffs on certain leather goods from Taiwan have been further reduced since the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed.
In addition, to the cutting of import tariffs on eight HS codes for semi-finished leather, cowhide semi-finished leather with HS codes of 41041111 and 41041911 are also further reduced by 2%.
The preferential tariffs to the 36 least developed countries in Africa will continue on certain leather goods in 2011.
A 20% tariff will remain to levy on export of raw skins in 2011.