The event will bring together some of the most outstanding Brazilian environmental specialists responsible for the sector’s development.

Over 150 people are registered to attend the one-day event on August 29, which is organised by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and will take place in Novo Hamburgo alongside the Courovisao trade show. 

Speakers and panel topics include:
The panels are divided into six sessions from traceability and environmental policies, to fashion and sustainability.
1.       Cattle traceability: A tool for environment protection.
Fabio Brito – JBS Sustainability Coordinator, responsible for the company’s cattle buying system to ensure the legal origin of the livestock purchased.  
2.     Water management: Sustainable practices.
Pedro Wilson Guimarães – Secretary for Water Resources and Urban Environment at the Environment Ministry.
3.     Environment policies: Laws, trade boundaries, standards and reports.
Daniel Martini – Public Prosecutor in Rio Grande do Sul State, specialist in environmental law defence.
4.     New technology for chrome leather solid residues.
Franco Cavazza/Italy – ILSA SpA’s Industrial Director. Currently coordinating the group’s production, maintenance and processes development.

5.     New technologies for industrial improvements.
Ricardo Augusto Cassel – PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University, UK. Teacher and researcher for the graduate program in production engineering of UFRGS.

6.     Fashion and sustainability
Agustina Comas/Uruguay – Fashion designer and IN.USE co-founder; a brand that utilises materials from past collections input into new creations.
Gabriel del Corso – General Director and one of the creators of the ‘Contém Project’. 
Worked in events and projects such as the shop Doc Dog planning development, catwalk production at the Fashion Brasília prize and business consultancy for Casa de Criadores, among others.