The forum will bring together some of the most outstanding Brazilian environmental specialists responsible for the development of the leather production chain.
The 1st CICB Sustainability Forum is organised by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB), the official Brazilian entity that, for the past 55 years, has been defending and promoting Brazilian leather in the domestic and international markets. The platinum sponsor of the event is Gelita.
A whole day of activities is planned for the Forum. The draft program includes speeches, debates with questions from the audience. Over 300 people are expected and the Forum will show good examples of improvements made by chemical and tanning companies.
Information concerning registrations will be released soon. Portuguese is the official language of the Forum.
Topics include:

  • Traceability of cattle: A tool for environment protection
  • Water management: Sustainable practices
  • New technology for chrome leather solid residues
  • Environment policies: Laws, trade boundaries, standards and reports
  • New technologies for industrial improvements
  • Fashion and sustainability