Go West
This theme reflects the rugged outdoor life of cowboys and ranch hands of the old Wild West with golden saddlery browns, cactus greens and blanket reds – full of winter warmth.

From the feeling of nature this group uses tones of dust and smoke evocative of early steam train rides with dusty winter neutrals, travel-worn effects, soft pinks, greens and browns.

Is inspired by wild nature from the windswept hills and stormy skies. Colours such as lichen gold and foxglove mauve contrast with a moody blue palette. It throws new light on natural tones.

Modern Sculpture
A trick of light and shadow on contemporary art sculptures contrast with sharp bright colours and harmonious dark shades. Crisp black and white add a modern edge.

Dye and pigment ranges
All four themes are illustrated on leather samples showing both wet-end formulations produced with Clariant’s range of Melioderm dyes to cover every tanner’s dyeing needs and the finishing recipes are based on Clariant’s Neosan 2000 and PPE pigment ranges.
In addition, all colours shown are pantone specific and can be easily adapted to any finishing formulation needed. Together with Pelcroma – the professional colour management system from Clariant – an accurate, fast and simple colour matching is guaranteed.