With the unique Melio Aquabase Technique, Clariant’s Business Unit Leather is serving the industry with another convincing upgrading solution.

Higher cutting yields, excellent filling and covering power combined with simple and efficient handling – these are the major objectives of the new Melio Aquabase Technique to upgrade crust with scratches, pinholes and other damaged areas. With the products in the Melio Aquabase range, Clariant can offer top quality upgrading that has no adverse effects on the elegance or feel of the leather.

The essential purpose of this latest technology is how to fill the open defects. The answer is using one of the below-mentioned application methods. The physical behaviour of the used product and the settings of the machinery play an essential role in the Aquabase application process. Aquabase products are medium-to-high viscous polymer dispersions containing special filling additives. The range includes products that can either be buffed or do not need a buffing process after application. This is a major breakthrough in this technology.

The Aquabase application works as a heavy filling first base coat. On this Aquabase pre-base application, subsequent finishing layers can follow directly or after an intermediate embossing process.

Clariant’s new generation of Aquabase products cover a wide range of leather articles.

The use of Aquabase products is generally differentiated by the following parameters:

Crust type and degree of damage:

* Chrome or non-chrome, regarding absorption of the crust

* Light, medium or heavy damage


* By palette knife/hand spatula

* By rollercoater – new generation reverse rollercoater application with spiral roller

* By spraying

Leather articles:

* Garment leather

* Leathergoods

* Shoe leather, including white sport shoe leather

* Furniture

* Automotive leathers

Key Features:

* Higher cutting yield

* Excellent filling and covering power

* Simple/efficient handling and application

* Aquabase products, as pre-base, which do not need buffing after application

* Superior buffing behaviour if needed

* Satisfaction of physical requirements

The new Melio Aquabase range has a successful track record and is still under consistent development to improve the quality and properties of the final products. The outstanding performance and application flexibility make this technology suitable for a variety of finishing plants as well as leather types around the world.